Welcome to H.B.S . Diamonds LLC., a company with over 70 years of rich history of caring for our clients and helping them fill their diamond needs.  Here at H.B.S., we strive to carry a vast inventory of well cut diamonds in various sizes, shapes, colors and clarities.  We also carry a wide selection of diamond tennis bracelets and  stud earrings.

As always, we offer you access to our inventory at competitive wholesale pricing for both memo and purchase calls. 

Additionally, we also offer a purchasing service to our clients should they be looking to sell any diamonds or diamond jewelry.   Diamonds will of course be purchased at fair and competitive current market values.  


We Carry A Large Selection Of Both Certified As Well As Non-Certified Diamonds In Every Size, Shape And Color


We Carry An Extensive Line Of Tennis Bracelets Suitable For Every Budget


Are You Looking For Stud Earrings?  We Carry Them In Any Size And Style You May Need