H. B. S. DIAMONDS was established in New York by The Brachfeld's in 1950, an already well respected Antwerp diamond family, with expertise in all aspects of the diamond business. From the diamond mine to diamond cutting to diamond jewelry, their experiences have placed them on the leading edge of the industry.

Under the leadership of Sol Gelernter, our experienced sales staff consists of Eddie Milstein, Lois Zeiger, Dan Hockenberry, George Noble & Ian Harwin G.G. Together with a knowledgeable and helpful support staff, we provide unusually personalized and courteous service. In addition to a large inventory of loose polished diamonds in all shapes and sizes, we also carry tennis bracelets, necklaces and mounted earrings.

Our affiliation with companies located in the heart of the Antwerp and Israeli Diamond centers gives us an edge to assist in satisfying your needs. You will find a competent, professional staff that understands you, communicates well and is eager and able to furnish you with the merchandise you request.

We pride ourselves in our vast inventory of superior cut diamonds and have excelled at providing merchandise with outstanding service, honesty and integrity. This enables our loyal customers the best opportunity to make sales and build lasting relationships.

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